Assault Charges

The Dick Law Firm is a criminal defense law firm in Florida. They are Duval county criminal assault attorneys with over 25 years experience dealing with assault and battery charges. Sean D. and Sam H. have a successful record of acquittals for those falsely accused of physical assault charges. Whatever your situation, our staff of Duval County assault attorneys can achieve the best possible results that the facts of your case and the law allows.

Duval County is Tough on Crime

Choosing an assault attorney that has experience with the Duval County Justice System can make a major deference in getting your case dismissed or charges reduced. Regardless of the circumstances that may surround your assault or assault and battery case, the Duval County defense lawyers at The Dick Law Firm can provide you with a strong defense both inside and outside of a courtroom.

We will attempt to have your case dismissed prior to charges being filed or, if the case is filed we will attempt to reduce the charges. We will attempt to get you out of jail without posting bail or alternatively, we will argue for a bail reduction.

Defense Attorneys Experienced in all Varieties of Assault Charges

Our firm can defend you against all varieties of assault and battery charges. Some cases may involve simple assault in which the accused allegedly threatened violence, but no physical contact was made. We also handle cases involving simple battery in which physical contact was allegedly involved.

Assault and battery are separate criminal charges often grouped together in criminal cases. The definition of assault is the attempt or threat of violence and battery is the actual, intentional touching or hitting of another person, against their will. In addition, we handle serious aggravated assault cases. The Florida Penal Code defines aggravated assault as:


A person commits an offense if the person:
causes serious bodily injury to another, including the person’s spouse;or
uses or exhibits a deadly weapon during the commission of the assault.

Assault convictions are classified as felonies and carry serious penalties. A simple assault in which no injuries occur is usually a Class C Misdemeanor but can carry up to one year of jail time. Aggravated assault charges in some circumstances can be classified as a first degree felony with penalties of up to life imprisonment. You need the best legal protection available to defend you against these types of charges. A criminal conviction will have serious a long-reaching consequences in all areas of your life.

Call us to speak with an assault attorney right away. When you delay speaking with an experienced attorney, your opportunity to disprove accusations, challenge the admission of testimony or other evidence, dispute an illegal search and seizure, or other procedural remedies that are only available during the early stages of a criminal investigation are greatly reduced.

Board Certified Attorneys in Criminal Law

Our criminal defense attorneys are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Board of Legal Specialization, a commitment shared by less than 2% of all lawyers in the State of Florida. Sean graduated with Honors from the University of Florida and began his legal career in the Duval County District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney. For almost five years Sean prosecuted criminal cases in dozens of courts handling everything from shoplifting cases to murder.

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