Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers

If you or your family or loved ones have been charged with a criminal violation or are facing a trial, you need a criminal lawyer that specializes in criminal law and has trial experience. The very first thing you need to do is to say to your accusers is, “I need to speak to my attorney”. The goal of the attorneys at The Dick Law Firm is to get you the best results possible based on the facts of your case. We will use all our years of experience with the Duval County Justice System to keep your case from going to trial. If it becomes necessary for your case to go to trail, you can rely on the attorneys at The Dick Law Firm to provide the strongest trial presence. Many lawyers without adequate trial experience will often accept less than the best terms from the prosecution to avoid going into court.

Experience in both Criminal Defense and Prosecution

The attorneys at The Dick Law Firm have the distinction of being recognized for their work as prosecutors as well as defense attorneys. Both Sean D. and Sam H. have years of experience as assistant district attorneys and understand the methods the prosecution team use to attain convictions. This knowledge is critical to defend your case and maintain your freedom. Whatever criminal charge you may be facing from misdemeanor drug charges to a major felony offense, our attorneys will meet with you and provide a confidential consultation to discuss what your next steps should be. If you or your loved ones already been charged with a criminal offense, especially in Duval County, or think they are in danger of being charged, the first thing you need to contact an attorney. We deal with clients every day that thought they could rely on the fairness of law enforcement officials or their accusers to keep them from going to jail and having their lives destroyed. This is NOT a good idea. When your freedom and reputation is at stake you need a competent criminal lawyer on your side.

Experienced Board Certified Criminal Attorneys

The attorneys at The Dick Law Firm have a combined 35 years experience as lawyers on both sides of the aisle as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. Both Sam H. and Sean D. are Board Certified criminal law specialists. Mr. D is one of the few attorneys in Florida that has been recognized for his commitment by Super Lawyers as being listed as a Super Lawyer Rising Star both as a criminal prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer.

Mr. H spent 6 years as an Assistant District Attorney in the Duval County District Attorney’s Office. During this time Steve investigated and prosecuted the most serious crimes in Duval County. Mr. H is now one of the top criminal Defense attorneys in DUval County. As early as 2006, Sam was recognized as “Prosecutor of the Year” by the Duval County Children’s Advocacy Center for his efforts in protecting children from criminal offenders.

Mr. H earned board certification in Criminal Law in 2005 from the Florida Board of Legal Specialization. Fewer than 2% of lawyers in Florida have earned Board Certification in Criminal Law. Steve has a wide variety of jury trial experience, which includes: Murder, Aggravated Robbery, Drug Offenses, Sex Crimes, Burglary, DWI and many others. Steve has extensive experience with white-collar criminal investigations, identity theft and other computer facilitated crimes.

Hesse is particularly effective in defending drug charges in Duval County as well as Family and domestic violence charges. These types of charges can be particularly hard to defend against and Mr. H uses his extensive experience in these areas of law to create the most favorable outcome for you.

We are here to guarantee your constitutional rights are fully protected. Fill out the contact form now for an initial consultation to discuss your legal matter.