Domestic Violence

Duval County Domestic Violence Lawyer

We Protect and Defend the Accused of Domestic Violence.Domestic violence cases are exploding. Sometimes family and spousal disputes get out of hand and often people try to end the situation by calling the police. Most people don’t realize that once the police are called, the matter is no longer in the hands of the accuser, even if no actual physical harm was done. Minor quarrels between consenting adults become crimes in which people get arrested and put in jail. This is why you need Duval County Domestic Violence Lawyer working for you.

Can I Get Domestic Violence Charges Dropped?

Dropping domestic violence Charges becomes the State’s decision not your spouse’s. We see a lot of cases where once the situation has calmed down, it’s common for the “victim” to want to drop the charges and try to get life back to normal. But the decision is no longer in her (or his) hands. Domestic abuse charges are filed by the State, and in nearly every case the prosecutor will refuse to drop the charges. This is done to protect a battered spouse from being bullied into changing her or his story.

What Happens when Police are Involved in the Dispute?

Because of numerous very high profile public trials involving spousal-abuse there is a zero tolerance policy toward domestic violence. A call to 911 sets a series of events in motion that are quickly outside the control of the people involved. As experienced domestic violence lawyers we have come across many cases of false allegations of violence and abuse. The alleged victim may simply make up a story in an effort to win a child custody battle or divorce case. Or, the accusations may stem from jealously or anger or revenge.

Because most people charged with domestic assault have never had a previous criminal charge, they don’t understand what can happen after a call is made to the police concerning a domestic dispute:

  • Police issue an Emergency Protective Order.
  • Sometimes a temporary restraining order will be issued.
  • An arrest will be made
  • Bail will be set
  • The accused will not be allowed to return to their home
  • Family life will be totally disrupted

Regardless of the circumstances that may surround your domestic violence case, the Duval County defense lawyers at The Dick Law Firm can provide you with a strong defense both inside and outside the courtroom.

We can also defend your legal rights against restraining orders and orders of protection. We will attempt to have your case dismissed prior to charges being filed or, if the case is filed we will attempt to reduce the charges.We will attempt to get you out of jail without posting bail or alternatively, we will argue for a bail reduction.

Why It’s Important to Choose an Experienced Attorney

Accusations related to domestic violence can be devastating to you, your family and your career. If you are facing an accusation of domestic violence in Duval County, the most important decision you can make is to hire a Duval County criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in domestic violence cases. Family violence is one of the major focus areas in our firm.

The team of attorneys at The Dick Law Firm consist of former prosecutors and former DA’s and are board-certified specialists in criminal law, certified by the Board of Legal Specialization. This is a commitment shared by less than 2% of all lawyers in the State.

Sean D. was selected by the Florida Gang Investigator’s Association as the Prosecutor of the Year in the Stat eof Florida in July 2004. Mr. D was also named by Florida Monthly as one of the top young lawyers in the State in 2005 as a prosecutor, and again in 2008 as a defense lawyer.

Some Helpful Actions to Take for the Accused

Hire an experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer immediately. It can be a major determining factor in the outcome of you case if your attorneys have experience in the Duval County justice system.

Start writing down your specific recollections of the events leading up to the domestic incident. You should do this as soon as possible, including any and all details. This allows you to give a more complete and consistent description of your side of the story. These notes should be given to your attorney.

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