Jail Release

Duval County Jail Release

Are you trying to get someone released from the Duval County Jail? This information will help you understand what options you have to obtain Jail release. You can also call us anytime, tell us your situation and we can let you know exactly what you need and the least expensive method for jail release.

There are a few options for Jail Release:

Released On Your Own Recognizance

You will sometimes be given the option of being released from jail on your own recognizance (O.R.) This will allow you to be released from jail with just a small fee. You can request an O.R. at your first appearance with a Magistrate (Judge).

Getting released on your own recognizance depends on a number of factors, one being the severity of the offense for which you are being held and your criminal history, if any. Another factor would be your community: your ties, your job, family and history of involvement in the community.

Waiver of Magistration

If you have been arrested in Duval County because of an outstanding warrant, there will normally be a recommended bail amount already set. Your attorney will then be able to execute a Waiver of Magistration. This document allows you to begin the process of bonding out (providing a guarantee to appear in court through a bail bond company or a cash bond) right away instead waiting to see a Magistrate.

If you have been arrested “on-site” and not through a warrant, you must see the Magistrate and he will set the bail amount, offer O.R. release or impose possible bail conditions such as a protective order, a DWI interlock device on your vehicle or other conditions.

Unlike most larger cities, Duval County does not have around the clock Magistrates available. A Magistrate comes to the Duval County courthouse each day at 8 A.M. to arraign those arrested in the last 24 hours. If you are incarcerated after 8 A.M. you will probably have to wait overnight to see the judge.

Exceptions to Magistration Waivers

There are exceptions to this general rule, for example, on any type of criminal assault you will have to wait to see the Magistrate to determine if an emergency protective order is required. There are other types of cases such as DWI that also would require a defendant see a magistrate.

The Dick Law Firm has been working with the Duval County Justice System for many years. Call us and we will answer any questions you have about the quickest way to get released from the Duval County Jail.