Juvenile Crime

Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Laws

If your child has been accused of a crime in Duval County you need to be aware of how the juvenile criminal justice system works. You need to know that your child, and you as a parent, have rights prescribed by juvenile law. These rights are just as important to you and your child as those given to adults in the Florida criminal justice system. If Duval County decides to charge the juvenile with delinquent conduct, he or she is afforded the same legal rights as an adult charged with a crime. It’s important that you understand these rights in order to prevent a permanent criminal record following your child.

Your Child has Rights Granted Under the Law

If your child is taken into custody or detained by law enforcement, they are allowed two phone calls, one to a parent or legal guardian and the other to a lawyer. It is critical for you to have a juvenile criminal lawyer available to you if you find yourself in this situation. You need to have access to a Duval County Juvenile lawyer that has experience with the Duval County juvenile justice system. The attorneys at The Dick Law Firm have years of experience dealing with the juvenile court system. Sam H. was recognized as “Prosecutor of the Year” by the Duval County Children’s Advocacy Center for his efforts in fighting crimes against children. Sam has extensive jury trial experience in felony, misdemeanor and juvenile cases. Sam’s last assignment before locating in Jacksonville was in Clay County was as a prosecutor in the Child Abuse Division.

A juvenile in custody in Duval County has the right to remain silent until his or her lawyer is present. Your child should also be reminded of his or her rights. Without this reminder, the county law enforcement individual is guilty of a misdemeanor. You cannot be denied access to speak to your child in private, even if he or she is in a juvenile detention facility. You have the right to be informed of any proceedings in which your child is involved. It is important that you are aware of these rights.

Juvenile Crime is a Serious Matter

Accusation of a juvenile crime is a serious matter. There are circumstances where Duval County can request to have a juvenile certified as an adult. This means that your child could be moved out of the juvenile justice system altogether and be facing serious consequences as an adult in the Criminal Justice System. It is also possible for a juvenile to be given a determinate sentence and subsequently transferred to an adult prison.

The criminal defense attorneys at The Dick Law Firm work to prevent juvenile misconduct escalating into serious consequences. The Juvenile Justice System was devised with the primary goal of rehabilitation. There are a number of outcomes to a juvenile facing misconduct or criminal charges such as rehabilitative services, education, vocational programs and specialized treatment programs that can be ordered by the court. Your child doesn’t have to have a criminal record follow him or her for the remainder of their life. Call us if you need help with anything involving juvenile crime and misconduct in Duval County.