Probation Violation

There can be any number of situations where a probation violation in Duval County will result in your spending time in jail. The first step you should take when facing a probation violation is to consult with a criminal defense attorney. Choosing a criminal defense law firm that has experience dealing with the judges and prosecutors in the Duval county judicial system gives you a greater advantage than trying to deal with the situation on your own.

The attorneys at the Jacksonville law office of The Dick Law Firm live in Duval County, are board certified criminal lawyers and handle Duval county probation violation cases on a regular basis. Probation violation can be a serious offense. Depending on the terms of your probation issued by the court, you are at risk for revocation of your probation and arrest.

You will be scheduled for a hearing in front of a judge to discuss your case. Before this happens your attorney can begin negotiations with the county prosecutor and the Duval County probation department to achieve an amendment to the terms of your probation or a revocation of the probation in exchange for minimal jail time as the best possible outcome.

What can Cause a Probation Violation?

Many things can trigger a probation violation depending on what conditions were stipulated by the court:

  • Failing to meet with your probation officer
  • Missing a court ordered payment
  • Missing a scheduled court appearance
  • A Positive drug test
  • Failing to complete required community service
  • Dropping out of school or failure to complete required classes.
  • New criminal charges brought against you

You and Your Probation Officer

The most important advice we give to those serving probation sentences is to try to achieve a positive relationship with your probation officer. The probation officers’ report to the judge carries a huge amount of weight during a probation hearing. The best way to avoid a motion to revoke probation is to prevent it from being filed by your attitude and interaction with your probation officer.

Free Consultation

Unlike a normal criminal trial, an accusation of violation of probation does not give you a right to a jury. The prosecution doesn’t have to prove the violation ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ as is in a jury trial. You do have the right to counsel and to present evidence. You should take advantage of these rights and not leave your future to your ability to tell ‘your side of the story’. Extenuating circumstances that may be present should be presented in the best manner possible. An experienced Duval County Probation Violation defense lawyer with The Dick Law Firm can provide you the best presentation of the circumstances of your case. Call us today for a free consultation to go over your individual situation.